Poor leadership not only causes stress, conflict, and turnover, but in your line of work…

…it could cost lives!

Why First Responders Choose Us

Looking to build a solid foundation for your department’s leaders? Our leadership development workshops are a great option! These engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking seminars provide participants with knowledge that can be applied immediately.

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Observation and assessment of key leaders with near real-time feedback provided to capture important lessons and identify cause and effect. This observation occurs during the day-to-day operations, training, and maintenance at the firehouse and while in response to calls.

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Research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, along with their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. Our assessments allow leaders to look in the mirror and truly learn who they are.

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Your guide – Eric Savickas, Lieutenant Colonel (US Army, Ret.)

Eric Savickas is a proven leader, as well as an expert teacher and trainer, with over 25 years of practical experience as a military officer, university instructor, and business coach.

Eric formed Convergent Impact to provide military-inspired leadership development to first responders working to make a difference each day. Eric embraces a passion for seeing the potential and developing strategies that get results while guiding individuals and organizations to reach their desired outcomes. He is articulate, accurate, and accustomed to leading high-performing teams. With a focus on those who serve, Eric brings his combat-tested leadership experience and practical lessons learned to help departments develop, grow, and succeed.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Norwich University and a Master of Science in Administration with a concentration in Human Resources from Central Michigan University. Eric is DISC Certified and 12 Driving Forces® Certified through TTI Success Insights on behalf of Target Training International, Ltd.


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How We Work

Schedule a 30-minute Consult
Click on the button below to schedule a 30-minute phone conversation with Eric to discuss some of your leadership challenges, things you have tried to improve them, and what your desired endstate might be. Eric will offer some initial thoughts on solutions and describe ways Convergent Impact may be able to help.
Plan a Leader Lunch
We will schedule a time for Eric to visit your department and have a brown bag lunch with select leaders. This lunch will include a short class presentation on a relevant leadership topic and an open forum discussion to identify and capture the most pressing leader development needs and gaps.
Get a Custom Solution
After getting to know your department, its leaders, and your specific leadership development needs, Convergent Impact will develop a custom solution. This proposed solution addresses the unique circumstances in your department and the things you are trying to accomplish.
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    One of the essential elements of being a leader is knowing yourself. That includes your strengths and weaknesses.

    The TTI Talent Insights® assessment shows how your behavioral style and the things that motivate you blend together, so you’ll understand what “makes you tick” and be able to increase your leadership ability.

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