Give Leaders Better Self-Awareness

Help your team members to see themselves (with comprehensive individual assessments)

Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, along with their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. Convergent Impact has partnered with the global leader in human behavior assessments, TTI Success Insights, to provide individuals with an assessment tool that allows them to look in the mirror and reveal the talents and skills of which they are often unaware.

Complete a Comprehensive Behaviors and Motivators Assessment

Each participant will complete an online questionnaire and receive a detailed report that effortlessly integrates the behaviors individuals bring to the job and the driving forces that motivate them. The assessment report defines how an individual’s behaviors and driving forces blend, so leaders will better understand how to enhance performance.

Conduct a Thorough Assessment Debrief

Convergent Impact will discuss and review each section of the report with participants individually. This conversation digs deep to reveal the “why” behind the results. Leaders can then gain a better understanding of self and others, as well as the value and unique blend of strengths they bring to the organization.


Help your leaders to understand how others see them (with 360-degree assessments)

The need for accurate and timely assessment of leadership skills and competencies has never been more important than in today’s rapidly changing environment. Convergent Impact administers a series of 360-degree surveys, gathering feedback from seniors, peers, and subordinates, to assess a leader’s strengths and weaknesses in the three leadership domains of “Who you are”, “How you think”, and “How you Act” and using the 17 Dimensions of a Leader model.

360-degree assessments are conducted in three easy steps to reduce the burden on your department:

    1. We work with you to determine the focus for the assessment and specific questions to be asked. You can use a ready-to-go template or customize the questionnaire based on what is important to your department.
    2. You select the participant leaders for the 360 assessments and the respondents for the questionnaires.
    3. We compile the resulting information into individual reports with graphs summarizing the responses. These graphs illustrate the leader’s strengths and weaknesses. This information can fuel action plans, refine goals, and adjust behavior and performance.


Help your teams to see each other (with a team effectiveness group seminar)

Team effectiveness goes beyond individuals simply working together on the same shift or as part of the same staff. It is learning how to maximize the potential of people with unique skill sets and diverse personalities. It is knowing how to harness the different beliefs while avoiding damaging personality conflicts and dynamics that can interfere with productivity.

For this reason, Convergent Impact uses information from individual TTI Talent Insights® assessments in an interactive and engaging team effectiveness seminar that allows team members to understand each other’s styles and preferences.

The seminar helps teams understand:

    • How each individual member prefers to operate.
    • How team members like to be communicated with and what pushes their buttons.
    • How perceptions of others can be misleading.
    • How to build better relationships and understand the root causes of conflict.
    • How to manage their own (and others) energy and direct that energy into productive outcomes.

An organization with young officers and leaders almost always has obstacles related to inexperience. We are such an organization. Eric Savickas from Convergent Impact was able to provide our young officer corps with important and useful tools that allow them to analyze, prioritize, and efficiently accomplish their mission on a daily basis. Improvement in crew organization, teamwork, and ability to effectively and efficiently accomplish tasks was immediate and continues to improve.

I would recommend Eric and Convergent Impact to any organization looking for leadership development training that provides tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately and that can continue to improve leader performance.

Terry Cox
Training Chief, Roaring Fork Fire Rescue Authority

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