Company overview

Convergent Impact was founded on the principles of strong, effective leadership. These principles were forged and refined in classrooms, training exercises, and in actual deployed combat operations.

We work with organizations who understand the negative effect that underdeveloped, deficient leadership has on employee satisfaction and retention, engagement, and overall efficiency. Management often hears grumblings around the water cooler about caustic leaders and reads about micromanagement and ineffectiveness in employee surveys. They know deep down, “We can be better.”

These organizations recognize and appreciate the effectiveness of military leadership skills and how those same skills might positively impact their leaders. Increased employee satisfaction leads to lower employee turnover which results in greater effectiveness and efficiencies.

Convergent Impact uses a battle-tested approach for leadership development. Teaching and training blends with positive coaching, and assessment becomes awareness, in the facilitation of self-discovery and long-term development.

We provide the tools to reduce turnover and increase retention. We develop the ability to create an environment with trust up and down the leadership chain. We foster leaders with vision that allow employees to thrive. We nurture the competencies that create efficiencies and enhance productivity.

Convergent Impact allows leaders to look into the mirror and see themselves clearly… then reach that next level!

An organization with young officers and leaders almost always has obstacles related to inexperience. We are such an organization. Eric Savickas from Convergent Impact was able to provide our young officer corps with important and useful tools that allow them to analyze, prioritize, and efficiently accomplish their mission on a daily basis. Improvement in crew organization, teamwork, and ability to effectively and efficiently accomplish tasks was immediate and continues to improve.

I would recommend Eric and Convergent Impact to any organization looking for leadership development training that provides tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately and that can continue to improve leader performance.

Terry Cox
Training Chief, Roaring Fork Fire Rescue Authority

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