Workshops with Impact

Looking to build a solid foundation for your department’s leaders? Convergent Impact’s leadership development workshops are a great option! These engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking seminars provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to be successful leaders.

Seminar modules include:

Lead with Vision

The Lead with Vision module teaches leaders to communicate with purpose and intent so that firefighters can exercise freedom of action, initiative, and the utmost speed in execution. Based on the military leadership philosophy of Mission Command, the module explores the practical demands of leading firefighters in the rapidly changing environment of the fireground and back in the firehouse.

Discussion topics include:

  • Building cohesive teams through mutual trust
  • Effective communication to create a shared understanding
  • Providing a clear leader’s intent
  • Exercising disciplined initiative
  • Using results-based instructions and directives
  • Accepting prudent risk

Adaptability in Leaders and Firefighters

The Adaptability in Leaders and Firefighters module provides instruction and discussion focused on giving leaders the tools to recognize changes in the environment, identify critical elements of the new situation, and trigger changes accordingly to meet new requirements. Leaders will also learn ways to design planned training with an additional outcome of increasing the adaptability skills in firefighters and teams.

Making Effective Decisions

The Making Effective Decisions module will explore ways leaders can be more effective problem-solvers and decision-makers. Military models such as the Troop Leading Procedures and Military Decision Making Process will be discussed to create a framework fire service leaders can apply in both deliberate planning sessions and in time-constrained environments.

Be a Firefighter with Resilience

This training module helps equip firefighters with the ability to face and cope with adversity, adapt to change, recover, and learn and grow from setbacks. Based on concepts developed by the United States Army in response to the lessons of combat and protracted warfare, firefighters are taught to identify and leverage their own strengths to overcome challenges, to keep things in the proper perspective, to recognize the positive outcomes of every event, and to reframe any negative energy around them. In the environments of uncertainty and the persistent danger of the fire service, these skills are essential to increase physical and psychological health, resilience, and performance.

An organization with young officers and leaders almost always has obstacles related to inexperience. We are such an organization. Eric Savickas from Convergent Impact was able to provide our young officer corps with important and useful tools that allow them to analyze, prioritize, and efficiently accomplish their mission on a daily basis. Improvement in crew organization, teamwork, and ability to effectively and efficiently accomplish tasks was immediate and continues to improve.

I would recommend Eric and Convergent Impact to any organization looking for leadership development training that provides tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately and that can continue to improve leader performance.

Terry Cox
Training Chief, Roaring Fork Fire Rescue Authority

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