Individual Real-Time Observational Leadership Development

One thing that sets United States Military apart from the militaries in many other nations is the ability to look critically at specific operations and training events, analyze what worked well and what didn’t, then adjust to be better. The US Military fosters a culture and environment where things can be tried, mistakes can be made (safely), and lessons can be learned.

There’s no better example of this than at the US Army National Training Center located in the vast Mojave Desert of California. This is where Army units deploy to conduct simulated combat operations against a full-time role-playing enemy. There, leaders are all paired with a trained observer who unobtrusively provides near real-time feedback so that the hard lessons of effective leadership and combat tactics can be forged.

Observation With an Expert Leader

Convergent Impact brings this training model and experience to the leaders in your department. Your leaders are unobtrusively observed for a designated period in the actual environments of the firehouse, the training ground, and even on the fireground (in a mutually agreed safe manner). Observations are captured using the 17 Dimensions of Leadership model and leadership-focused feedback is given throughout in near real-time.

A Group After Action Review

A military-style After Action Review (AAR) with the designated leader’s entire team is conducted at the conclusion of the day to enable all participants to discover for themselves what was supposed to happen, what actually happened, why it happened, and how to sustain strengths and improve on weaknesses in the future. Further leadership lessons will be revealed in this “non-attribution” environment. The conduct of this AAR will provide a model for leaders to use to get the maximum benefit out of every exercise or incident.

An organization with young officers and leaders almost always has obstacles related to inexperience. We are such an organization. Eric Savickas from Convergent Impact was able to provide our young officer corps with important and useful tools that allow them to analyze, prioritize, and efficiently accomplish their mission on a daily basis. Improvement in crew organization, teamwork, and ability to effectively and efficiently accomplish tasks was immediate and continues to improve.

I would recommend Eric and Convergent Impact to any organization looking for leadership development training that provides tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately and that can continue to improve leader performance.

Terry Cox
Training Chief, Roaring Fork Fire Rescue Authority

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