Acquire New Knowledge

Convergent Impact conducts facilitated instruction in an engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking series of seminars to explore the practical demands of leadership in complex operations on calls and back in the firehouse.

Seminar modules include:

  • Using the previously completed assessments in a module on Enhanced Communication to highlight the best ways to communicate (and not communicate) based on individual styles and effective communication theory.
  • Learning to Lead with Vision (rather than micro-managing) through the articulation of purpose, key tasks, and a clear description of the desired end state.
  • The importance of Leader Adaptability to recognize changes in the environment, identify critical elements of the new situation, and trigger changes accordingly to meet new requirements.
  • Identifying techniques in Making Effective Decisions in high-stress, time-constrained environments as well as those with increased time and longer planning horizons.
  • Team Building methodology for forming, launching, operating, and sustaining teams, on a basis of shared purpose, trust, confidence, and competence, to quickly reach a higher level of performance.
  • Understanding the critical nature of Emotional Intelligence and how it plays in perseverance, self-control, and skill in getting along with others and meeting the needs of a multi-generational force.

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