Team Development

I’m totally focused and passionate about organizational development and can provide that for your department. I get that sometimes it might feel like “in-house” training is good enough or the cost of bringing in someone external just isn’t worth it. But you’d be surprised at the incredible results that a comprehensive team development program will have on your department members.

Imagine seeing your battalions and companies meeting all requirements, adhering to policies, and simply getting things done. More importantly, picture your officers being fully active and engaging their firefighters to make all this happen. Imagine the Fire Chief saying, “Wow, the department is clicking on all cylinders today.” And envision your own personal pride when the Chief adds, “Whatever you are doing to help make this happen… don’t stop!”.

That vision is in reach, and here’s how I think it can become a reality:


Behaviors and Motivators Assessments for Team Members

Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. Convergent Impact has partnered with the global leader in human behavior assessments, TTI Success Insights, to provide individuals with an assessment tool that allows them to look in the mirror and reveal the talents and skills of which they are often unaware. I will give each participant a link to an online questionnaire that takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. After completing the assessment, participants receive a detailed 45-page report on the behaviors they bring to the job and the driving forces that motivate them. They will get a renewed sense of self and understand how to enhance performance and increase overall job satisfaction.


Team Effectiveness Group Seminar

Team effectiveness goes beyond individuals simply working together on the same shift or as part of the same staff. It is learning how to maximize the potential of people with unique skill sets and diverse personalities. It is knowing how to harness the different beliefs while avoiding damaging personality conflicts and dynamics that can interfere with productivity. For this reason, Convergent Impact uses information from the individual TTI Talent Insights® assessments in an interactive and engaging team effectiveness seminar that allows team members to understand each other’s styles and preferences. The 4-hour seminar helps teams understand: How each individual member prefers to operate. How team members like to be communicated with and what pushes their buttons. How perceptions of others can be misleading. How to build better relationships and understand the root causes of conflict. How to manage their own (and others’) energy and directing that energy into productive outcomes.


Team Building Exercise

Take a step away from typical fire related exercises and have your team conduct an engaging, hands-on exercise that gets everyone involved and using the skills previously discussed in the team building seminar. Members will have opportunities to exercise leadership and followership skills while working together towards the desired outcome.

Like many departments, we rely heavily on mentorship and on-the-job experience as the foundation of our officers’ leadership development. While this works on a basic level, more in-depth development is essential. Eric spent a day with each of our Battalion Chiefs to observe their current leadership in action. During this time, he had conversations with them about things that were going well and what they might consider adjusting. He also guided each of them to develop action plans and goals for the future. The practical impact was immediate. Our officers have been more engaged, better at communicating requirements, and have been building more trust. We couldn’t be happier.

Scott Van Slyke
Training Division Chief, Colorado River Fire Rescue

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